Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Why do finger nails turn grey when some people die?

this is for a school project we are suppose to figure why this one girl died and it said her fingernails turned grey so me and my partner have to figure out why they were grey please helpWhy do finger nails turn grey when some people die?
When you die, you are no longer perfusing your fingers with blood. Thus the blue/grey discolaration.Why do finger nails turn grey when some people die?
Well - if her fingernails turned gray before she died, it could be from:

Brown-Gray Nails, from medscape:

Cardiovascular disease; Diabetes mellitus; Vitamin B12 deficiency; Breast cancer; Malignant melanoma; Lichen planus; Syphilis; and Topical agents, including hair dyes, solvents for false nails, varnish, and formaldehyde (among many others).

If they didn't turn until after death, it could just be a lack of blood being pumped to the periphery... the same reason people are cold when they die. I'm assuming the gray nails is supposed to be some sort of clue in your project, so check out the medscape site and use any other clues you might have been given to narrow down the list.

Good luck with your project!
Uuuuhhh..........maybe because she id DEAD!!! When a person dies,everythings ';STOPS'; working.So,with no life..brings death.Even to our fingernails and to our toenails...etc...etc...GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR PROJECT!!

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